PaparazzMe Partners with GoodHire for Background Checks

PaparazzMe has selected GoodHire to provide criminal background checks for US based paparazzi. GoodHire provides the following critical services for PaparazzMe:

Nationwide Criminal Database Search

Searches 1,400+ criminal records sources for records associated with the candidate. Sources vary by state but may include: Department of Corrections, Administrative Office of the Courts, and county courts.

Sex Offender Registry Search

Searches sex offender registries across all 50 states and US territories for matches associated with the candidate.

Domestic Watch List Search

Searches US government sanction and watch lists, including the FBI’s Most Wanted and the Office of Foreign Assets Control (OFAC), for records associated with the candidate.

Federal Criminal Court Search

Searches all 94 federal district courts for violations of federal criminal law (e.g., tax evasion, fraud, embezzlement, identity theft, interstate trafficking, and kidnapping) associated with the candidate.

County Criminal Court Search

Searches county criminal court records to find convictions and pending cases (e.g., DUI, DWI, assault, theft, and burglary) associated with the candidate.

County Civil Records Search

Searches either upper or lower civil county court records to find cases where the candidate is listed as a respondent.

Statewide Criminal Court Search

Searches state-level criminal records to find convictions and pending cases associated with the candidate.

About GoodHire

GoodHire provides background screening services that help more than 75,000 employers build teams based on mutual trust, safety, and fairness. GoodHire’s advanced technology platform makes background checks instant and easy, integrates with leading HR tools for a seamless hiring workflow, and provides an award-winning candidate experience. A leader in compliance expertise, GoodHire is the only provider in the industry with built-in adverse action workflows for compliance with 180+ state and local ban-the-box laws.

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