Paparazzi safety is paramount

Below are some of the measures we have taken to ensure the safety of the photographers and videographers we consider family.

User Preview

All PaparazzMe profiles require individuals to identify themselves with photos. Paparazzi should know who they are meeting and should use discretion in accepting jobs. You can refuse jobs at any time for any reason.

User Ratings

Review the user ratings and comments of previous paparazzi. After your shoot, be sure to rate your users and leave comments. Your input is vital to the overall safety of the community.

Your Privacy

Your full name and phone number is never shared with users. You can communicate with users within the PaparazzMe app to coordinate shoot locations if necessary.

Best Practices

We've compiled a list of best practices that paparazzi should use to mitigate personal safety risk. Those practices include: Avoid shooting alone in private residences. Don't shoot in areas that could cause physical harm (traffic, cliff sides, etc.). A complete list of best practices is coming soon.