Working With Us

The Rideshare Alternative

Like ridesharing, PaparazzMe affords you the opportunity to be your own boss, however unlike ridesharing, there’s no excessive wear on your vehicle. There are lower barriers to working with PaparazzMe. The basic requirements are:

How You Earn

The more you shoot, the more you earn. You are your own boss. You schedule your own hours and work as little or as much as you like. You can work as an on-demand or scheduled photographer.

Earnings can be directly deposited into your bank account daily, weekly, or monthly. To estimate your potential earnings, you can utilize the online online blackjack game android apk download.

How PaparazzMe Works


Download the PaparazzMe 'Paparazzi' app.

Apply To Work

The application will require you to provide personal information for tax purposes, proof of camera, and agreement for PaparazzMe to run a criminal background check.


Once approved, you can start booking shoots.

Choose A Location

Once you decide where you would like to work (preferably sites with large numbers of people), turn on the PaparazzMe app and wait for requests.


Take some pics and make some money.

Close The Shoot

Once the shoot is complete, content should be uploaded within 24hrs to PaparazzMe. Photos and videos are accepted and downloaded by the user, the funds are released to your account.